With at least 70% of our business coming from repeat business and personal recommendation, we believe that our results speak for themselves.

We begin simply by listening. We believe that by fully understanding where our clients want to be, we will help them reach that goal. Often it is necessary to project forward and then work backwards to set the right property path from the start.

The nature of our clients’ needs is very diverse: for some it is all about capital and yield growth; for others it is about the personal enjoyment of being able to walk out of their door and directly onto the golf course at Wentworth.

How it works: members of our professional team are available 24/7, ready to deliver informed and practical advice based on reliable data. This data comes from our unique position and understanding of the marketplace and is always considered in the light of the wider global economy. In practice this means we can be collecting a buyer from Heathrow Airport at 04.30 in the morning and conducting viewings from 05.15; or flying across Europe covering nine airports in 27 hours to collect signatures on a contract. We are proud to deliver this level of service to our clients because we know how important time can be.

It is said that opportunity ‘knocks quietly’. We knock first. We are always searching for the advantage and it is this approach that gives our clients the competitive edge. It can make all the difference when finding the perfect home or maximising the returns from a property. No situation is ever the same, but our commitment, complete discretion and professionalism never varies.

We invite you to review our open market Sold Section which illustrates just a few successfully concluded transactions.