Mayfair is one of the most densely populated areas for ultra prime developments encompassing the area East of Park Lane, South of Oxford Street, West of Regent Street and North of Piccadilly. 

What a start to the year we had - shockwaves from a cooling economy in China, FTSE 100 down, coupled with higher stamp duty on second homes, and fears of Brexit. Thank goodness we have turned a corner and buyers are transacting at all levels of the market.

Does your butler have a butler? Do you justify sending the yacht to Tunisia to get refueled?  And you want to join a golf course? Have a look at our top 5 picks in the South East of England:

Ascot Racecourse is a major pull for buyers of lifestyle properties, whilst also seeking fast access to central London and Heathrow airport. Many HNWIs and members of the British (and other) royal families live within a few miles of Ascot

The Victorian era encompasses a large proportion of the architecture we see throughout Britain today. Queen Victoria’s reign, which lasted for over 60 years, saw a number of variations of revival architecture through the industrial revolution.

The kitchen is still the heart and hub of the home and where owners are most prepared to invest - and is also where new technology has made its presence felt most. 

The Bank of England has announced new guidelines that it would like lenders to apply with the intention of tightening underwriting standards on buy-to-let properties and the purchase of second homes. This and other tax changes may have an effect on parents buying UK property for their


Alex Newall, managing director at Barnes Private Office, on Wentworth's golfing fame and the continuing international popularity of the Wentworth Estate and its sheltered, exclusive properties

Away from the traditional English pub London’s finest hotel bars offer a unique and opulent experience and atmosphere. The following four bars pride themselves on their exotic and extensive list of cocktails.

It is often said that moving house is the third most traumatic thing after death and divorce. A 2014 study of 2,000 adults found a significant percentage of people felt dabbling in the property market ranked as one of modern life’s most unpleasant experiences.

British people are used to describing the size of a residential property in terms of the number of rooms; usually bedrooms and public rooms. Assessing a property using "pounds per per square foot" or "pounds per square metre" is a mathematical approach to arriving at  a


Rory McGougan, Director of Barnes Private Office continues his crystal ball gazing into the property market in 30 years’ time with predictions on home ownership, building types and multi-generational homes.

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