Barnes Commercial is a private real estate division of Barnes Private Office, dedicated to providing buy-side real estate investment recommendations and asset management services exclusively for private capital. The Barnes commercial team have been investing internationally on behalf of their clients and managing property assets to create value over the property cycles. Barnes Commercial believe that now is the right time for existing and new clients to re-consider their real estate investment strategies, given the macro and local market dynamics that exist today in certain sub sectors of the commercial market.

Our philosophy is strategic investing and we devote significant time to building client relationships, which we believe is central to mutual long term success.

Who we are:

  • Buy-side commercial advisors: Work alongside private capital, investing into and managing commercial real estate assets and portfolios.
  • Real estate expertise: Experience of devising and recommending investment strategies, sourcing investments, commercial negotiation and due diligence, arranging finance, ongoing asset management and subsequent exit strategy.
  • Work exclusively for private capital: The team have extensive experience of working with private investors, single and multi-family offices, private investment offices, private banks and their clients, trustees and legal intermediaries and privately owned companies and institutions.
  • Independent, impartial and confidential: Highly discreet personalised service which acts on a non-discretionary basis, seeking to protect client interests and shield them from unwanted market publicity.
  • Build relationships: Focus on long term, like minded mutual relationships based on trust, and seek to understand clients’ cultural considerations.
  • Market profile: Strategically placed in the real estate industry enabling access to some of the best opportunities via proprietary pipeline, enhancing client purchase credibility.
  • Dynamic, entrepreneurial and innovative: Benefits of a small, collaborative team being flexible, accommodating and able to react quickly to client needs.
  • Research: Undertake in-house analysis and interpretation of a wide range of market research, economic data and investment opportunities.
  • Geographic Focus: Focused on investing into the UK market and undertaking select client assignments.

What we do:

Barnes Commercial provide a comprehensive outsourced service platform covering the whole direct ownership process:


Private capital often has longer time horizons than other investors

Focus on long term relationships, repeat business and have worked with generations of the same families, understanding their needs, customs and providing loyalty.


Not driven by sale mandates but provide buy-side recommendations. We act on a non-discretionary basis - clients make the final decision.

Transactions versus Strategy

Recommend appropriate investment strategies to clients in line with their investment objectives. We assist clients by ensuring they are in a position to transact at the appropriate time.

Confidentiality / Representation

Many investors require a local representative to conduct their affairs confidentially which protects them from unwanted intrusions.

Conflicts of interest

Barnes Commercial are not conflicted with the provision of both buy and sell side investment recommendations.

Local market knowledge / Research information

Barnes Commercial are not salesmen, we analyse each investment on its own merit and relate this to the fundamentals of the market and wider economic environment before making recommendations.

On versus Off market transactions

Have long term relationships with real estate owners. We enable investors to access our proprietary investment opportunities and not have to bid via on market competitive auctions.

Structuring transactions and complexity

Understand the potential risks and variances of return expectations, and can recommend appropriate leverage strategies and income versus total return objectives. More leverage is not always best - we aim to reduce complexity and minimise abortive work.

Fees and remuneration

Flexible on how fees are structured, either on a pure arms-length basis or aligned with investor requirements through co-investments / incentives. We like to align fees and services with our client's interests.

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