Barnes Private Office FX is the foreign exchange arm of Barnes Private Office which can offer and provide better exchange rates than the Global Banks.

Barnes Private Office FX have access to all major currency pairs and exotic currencies. We specialise in exchanging large sums of currency mainly with the corporate businesses and high end property deals, whether it’s buyers or sellers.

The advantages using Barnes Private Office FX are:

  • You can execute market leading rates which will give you a significant saving over prices from the global banks.
  • Access to your own online account which provides current positions and transaction history. You can also trade online and/or contact our dedicated dealer here at Barnes Private Office FX who will handle your requirements throughout.
  • We can offer ‘quick’ same day transfers with no hidden payment charges or commission fees.
  • You can process multiple payments.
  • Forward contracts’ can be provided, where by you can lock in a price and protect your currency risk from market fluctuations. This is especially useful during a property or lengthy cross-border transaction

We provide detailed information, limit risk and negotiate hard for the benefit of our clients.